MA Financial Group has teamed up with JB Were to help the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) navigate an ongoing struggle within the charity landscape – how can donors make a greater impact in areas they’re passionate about through philanthropy?     

Aiming to help people who are interested in having a meaningful impact through giving, ACRF have developed a new brochure designed to read like a financial product or new fund investment with guidance from the MA Financial Group team.

The initiative, called ‘Impact Philanthropy’, takes a fresh approach to the way ACRF usually markets funding for research by detailing the projects in an information memorandum style document (a document used to market investment funds) and allowing donations of $10,000 or over to be allocated 100 percent to the projects.    

“By positioning and analysing the projects similar to how financial investment opportunities are assessed, we were able to assist ACRF more effectively sell the positive impacts of their research to potential donors,” said Chris Wyke, Managing Director at MA Financial Group.

The key philanthropic groups that ACRF approach for funding include high-net worth individuals, who are also often sophisticated investors.

“Similar to investing in a fund, it’s important to be fully informed when making a large donation and having the ability to de-risk the selection process will help donors make meaningful philanthropic investments,” said Chris.   

The idea for Impact Philanthropy originated from recognising room for improvement in the fund-raising and impact reporting processes.

“The key question was how can we communicate details of these projects in a way that’s relatable to our target donors, so they can clearly understand how their donations will make an impact”, said Mat Fisher from ACRF.

Since its recent launch, Impact Philanthropy has helped engage new supporters interested in funding the projects, with more interest generated daily.

“The response so far has been positive and being able to portray our research projects in such an innovative way is really exciting. It’s thanks to the help of our partners, who donated countless hours of their time and expertise, that we were able to hit the ground running with this initiative,” said Mat Fisher from ACRF.  

Impact Philanthropy includes four innovative research projects designed to impact the lives of people diagnosed with cancer and their family members both in Australia and globally.   

These projects are:

ACRF Australian Cancer Centre of Excellence in Melanoma Imaging and Diagnosis:

  • A project that looks at the launch of an innovative new 3D imaging program allowing for more exact and earlier detection of melanoma – Australia’s national cancer

ACRF Centre for Integrated Cancer System Biology:

  • A project to enable the discovery of new and improved treatments for cancers with the highest incidences in Australia

ACRF Facility for Innovative Drug Discovery

  • A project that looks to accelerate the development of cancer drugs using 3D technology

ACRF Oncology Alliance for the Science of Integrated Survivorship Centre

  • A project that looks at new care programs focused on improving both the physical and mental health of all cancer survivors

For more information, or to request a copy of the Impact Philanthropy document, contact the ACRF philanthropy team at