With the Sydney residential market down 15%*, we are currently experiencing one of the sharpest declines in Sydney house prices since the early 80’s. 

In May 2019, we were public in our view that the Sydney residential market was close to the bottom and we believe that position remains intact today. 

Based on historical data, our house view is that residential prices in this area will stabilise and could experience a period of moving sideways - although even within a metropolitan region, market variation occurs. 

Supply within certain locations remains at very elevated levels and this will continue to constrain price growth for some time in these locations. 

Residential investors need to remain very judicious in pin-pointing markets that have favourable supply and demand dynamics and product that suits the broadest range of end users, including both investor and owner-occupiers.

Our Managing Director, Julian Biggins, explores the state of the Sydney residential market further in his report below, drawing insight from cyclitic trends and historical data.   

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