The MA Financial Group Foundation is proud to partner with Beyond Blue in supporting mental health and wellbeing across our communities, particularly during these challenging and unprecedented times.

Our joint CEO, Chris Wyke recently sat down with Beyond Blue for their September edition of ‘Beyond’ magazine to discuss why partnering with Beyond Blue is important to us. Read the interview below, and in the magazine.

Why did you choose to support the mental health of the community?

Mental health is a significant issue in the community, but one that is hard to articulate as there is not one specific solution or problem. A bit like an iceberg, we often only see the surface level issues and more support is needed to have a real impact and make a difference for those in the community experiencing mental health issues.

What made you start supporting Beyond Blue?

We set up our Foundation to be staff-led and to create a vessel for staff to support causes and organisations close to their hearts. Both business and personal experience came together which led to Beyond Blue being a charity that we wanted to support. From a business sense, the work of Beyond Blue resonated with many of our staff, especially in a world where mental health can be often overlooked. Personally, I unfortunately saw the impact that suicide has on family and the community which led to my passion for Beyond Blue.

What impact do you hope to have through your support?

Put simply, to provide help to people who need it. To make sure that when someone calls Beyond Blue, their call is answered. In supporting Beyond Blue, it has been humbling to read the courageous personal stories of those who have been positively impacted through the Support Service. We want to enable more success stories.

Would you recommend that other people in your position support Beyond Blue?

Definitely. Any leader of any organisation would have had to deal with the mental health issues of their staff, especially in the past six months. By supporting Beyond Blue, you are supporting your staff and community. But you don’t have to be a CEO or leader to see the impact on the community’s mental health, especially at the moment. I think we all know someone experiencing these issues and there has never been a more relevant time to give to Beyond Blue to ensure that people get the support that they need.

The MA Financial Group Foundation are one of a growing list of Beyond Blue Major Donors. They have donated over $120,000 this year to Beyond Blue. A major gift is a significant financial donation made by individuals, charitable trusts, foundations or Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs).