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Nikki Warburton appointed to MA Financial board
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Published 16 January 2023
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Nikki Warburton has been appointed to MA Financial’s Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Warburton is a strong addition to the board, bringing more than 30 years’ experience in consumer, brand, and marketing across a range of industries including automotive, advertising, and media.

Warburton said she was delighted to join MA Financial’s Board of Directors.

“It is a privilege to be able to support MA Financial as it executes its growth strategy and takes advantage of opportunities in the current economy,” Ms. Warburton said.

MA Financial Group Chair, Jeffrey Browne, welcomed Nikki Warburton to the board and said her skills will assist the Group to achieve its significant growth ambitions.

“Nikki brings a wealth of experience and marketing expertise that strengthens the board's capability. She has a strong track record in growing businesses and building brand recognition,” Mr. Browne said.

“Nikki’s appointment also illustrates our continued desire to increase the Board’s independence and its diversity by both gender, skills, and experience. I look forward to working with Nikki this year.”

Nikki will offer herself for election as a Director at the next Annual General Meeting in May 2023.

About Nikki Warburton

Nikki Warburton is a highly experienced Senior Executive and Board Director with a strong track record of delivering tangible business results – from business strategy to change management – across a range of industries including automotive, sport, marketing, and media.

Warburton has more than 30 years’ providing consumer, brand, and marketing advice to growing businesses. She is currently on the Board of Directors for GWS Giants, Car Expert, and is a Mentor for The Marketing Academy.

Most recently she was Chief Customer & Marketing Officer at Audi, where she developed the Customer and Digital strategy roadmap to accelerate digital, data, and customer maturity, seeing a 10% uplift in repurchase year on year. Warburton was also a Group Director at AUSTAR Entertainment and was part of the executive team who sold AUSTAR to Foxtel for more than $2 billion.

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