Historically accessible only by large institutional investors, credit has emerged as an attractive addition to the defensive allocation in wholesale and retail investor portfolios.

Including credit as part of a diversified portfolio can offer investors a number of key benefits.

Attractive yields

Attractive yields

Potential for strong, enhanced yields

Regular, stable income

Regular, stable income

Potential for regular and predictable income secured via contractual borrower agreements



Returns have historically had low to negative correlation to other asset classes

Low volatility

Low volatility

Returns are generally less volatile than equities as they are contractually agreed

Diverse investment opportunities: credit market segments

As with other asset classes, there are a range of different credit market segments and opportunities for investors to access.

Private credit

Private Credit
  • Commercial loans to businesses, loans to consumers and residential mortgages
  • An investor is a lender and earns a return through interest and fee income paid by borrowers
  • 'Private' means the loans are not issued by banks or traded in public markets
  • Non-bank lenders, including private credit investors, are increasingly meeting the needs of borrowers, while retaining the benefit of strong contractual protections
  • A $3 trillion market experiencing strong and consistent growth1

Real estate credit

Real estate credit
  • Loans to finance the purchase or development of commercial and residential property
  • Properties used as collateral or security and the loans made are contractual in nature
  • Investors receive fixed payment dates of interest and return of capital
  • Non-bank lenders are increasingly gaining market share and providing borrowers with an alternative source of capital

Structured finance

Structured finance
  • Investing into loan portfolios or other structured instruments that provide exposure to large pools of loans
  • Include public and private Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) and Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (RMBS):
    • ABS: a type of fixed income investment where interest payments are linked to and secured against the performance of an underlying pool of loans
    • RMBS: similar, however the pool of assets are exclusively loans secured by residential property.

Invest with a credit specialist

We have significant expertise in credit, non-bank lending and specialty finance. With an unbroken track record of credit AUM growth, our institutional, wholesale and retail clients currently entrust us to manage $1.6 billion on their behalf.2

Recognising we are managing the defensive part of an investor’s portfolio, our philosophy and priority is to protect investor capital while generating resilient returns with downside protection.

We do this by maintaining a strong focus on risk management. We target investments with robust fundamentals and clear downside protection where we believe returns are outstanding for the controlled or limited level of associated risk.

Three-tiered credit investment philosophy

A focus on protecting capital while seeking to deliver excess returns for low or controlled risk

Credit Evaluation Approach

Controlled Risk

Evaluate the underlying risk characteristics of the loan, supporting collateral and overall credit portfolio

Resilient Cash Flow

Rigorous modelling and analysis to assess the serviceability prospects of loans and credit investments

Strong Collateral and Recoverability

Comprehensive assessment of loan recoverability and asset/collateral strength based on multitude of data-based factors

Our strategic advantage

Our strong in-house expertise and capabilities are our strategic advantage.

  • Differentiated access to capital: to fund loan books, unlock growth and capture returns
  • Powerful data analytics: to support robust commercial and risk decision making
  • Cross-pollinating ideas: across asset management, corporate advisory and equities to create value
  • Risk management culture: founded on principles of alignment and downside protection

Our investment solutions

Investment opportunities3

For retail investors

  • MA Priority Income Fund. Diversified exposure across a range of credit market segments, targeting a return of 4% p.a. over the RBA Cash Rate (net of fees and costs)
  • MA Secured Real Estate Income Fund. Exposure to a portfolio of first lien mortgages over Australian property, targeting a return of 5% p.a. over the RBA Cash Rate (net of fees and costs)

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  1. Reserve Bank of Australia, D2 Lending and Credit Aggregates – December 2020.
  2. As at 31 December 2021.
  3. Net of fees and costs.