MA Real Asset Opportunities Fund (Series II)

MA Real Asset Opportunities Fund (Series II)

Important Information

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1. Weighted average IRR delivered in the period to 30 June 2023. Pre-tax and pre performance fees. Net of management fees. 

2. Each Syndicate comprises each new relevant investment opportunity which is held through a separate class of Stapled Securities which provide segregated exposure to the relevant specific investment. Refer to the Information Memorandum and Investment Brief for further details. 

3. Pre-tax and pre performance fees. Net of management fees. 

4. Per Syndicate. The holding period is a target only. The Manager retains absolute discretion to increase or decrease the target holding period to maximise returns to investors.

5. The relevant Investment Brief will provide additional explanation of the fees applicable to an investment in a Syndicate, including any other fees incurred by the Fund.

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