We take great pride in sharing an exciting new chapter – our official launch as MA Financial Group.

Since our inception in 2009 as a joint venture with NYSE-listed Moelis & Company, the firm has gone from strength to strength.

We have established a business culture that is flexible and entrepreneurial, with a strong reputation in domestic and international markets. We have grown our team to 350+ market-leading experts in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, London, Beijing, and Shanghai. We have honed our ability to make links and connections – across data, people and businesses – in unique and valuable ways. We continue to innovate – revealing opportunities that create real value for our clients.

This is the start of an exciting new era – one that leverages our strong heritage and strategic alliances, and accompanied by a refreshed and contemporary brand and bold new ‘MA’ mark.

Our ASX code is now ‘MAF’. Our Corporate Advisory & Equities division will operate as MA Moelis Australia; our Asset Management business for a time as MA Asset Management.


Better reflecting the activities of the Group

We were founded in 2009 as Moelis Australia - a boutique investment banking advisory business, and joint venture with NYSE-listed Moelis & Company.

In FY2016, the year prior to the Initial Public Offering, 75% of revenue emanated from corporate advisory and stock broking activities.

As a result of ongoing growth and diversification of the business across a broad range of non-advisory based financial services, our Asset Management activities (which include our balance sheet capital investments) accounted for 67% of Group revenue in FY2020.

Moving forward, we expect the proportion of revenue coming from Asset Management related activities to continue to grow. Much of this revenue is recurring in nature.

The new name, MA Financial Group Limited, better reflects the activities of the Group as a diversified financial services company, across financial disciplines and geographies.

The diversity of the business is a great strength

Under the umbrella of Asset Management, MA Financial Group manages1 approximately $5.4 billion of assets including $2.2 billion in real estate, $1.3 billion in hospitality assets, $1.1 billion in credit, and $800 million across Australian listed equities, private equity and venture capital assets.

We are one of Australia’s largest managers of capital on behalf of Chinese high net worth investors, and manage substantial capital on behalf of institutional clients headquartered in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Further, our Lending operations represents one of our fastest growing business segments. Our technology-driven Lending platforms focus on residential and legal disbursement lending, construction financing, and the wholesale financing of numerous third-party platform partners. Capital applied to the various Lending verticals is sourced from a combination of managed funds and balance sheet investment.

An increasingly global business

In addition to the diversity of sources of revenue, we are increasingly active outside of Australia. Today we have executives based in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and London, all focused on our Asset Management and Lending operations.

Therefore, reflecting the increasingly global nature of our business we have also removed the reference to “Australia” in the listed Company name.

Continued and unchanged strategic alliance with Moelis & Company

We are very proud of our genesis as a joint venture with global investment bank Moelis & Company. Accordingly, we have selected a name which reflects our heritage as MA Financial Group (MA), and our investment banking partnership with Moelis & Company which remains unchanged.

Moelis & Company’s Ken Moelis and Kate Pilcher Ciafone will remain non-executive directors on our Board of Directors and Moelis & Company retains its ~15% shareholding. 

Our key operating groups

Under the umbrella of our new Company name, MA Financial Group, our key operating divisions continue to operate under trading names familiar to our clients:

Asset Management will continue to trade as: MA Asset Management

Corporate Advisory & Equities will trade as: MA MA Financial Group

A number of businesses associated with MA Financial Group will retain their current trading names. This includes RetPro, a shopping centre management and strategic advisory business and Redcape Hotel Group, an ASX-listed hospitality fund managed by MA Financial Group’s specialised hospitality platform.

An evolution in our name and visual identity

The new name is accompanied by a refreshed brand and visual identity which creates a contemporary and consistent look and feel, with the flexibility to meet the future growth of the Company.

The refreshed brand includes a bold new ‘MA’ mark designed to express the strength of the Company, based on 12 years of growth and experience.

An unchanged commitment to our stakeholders

We would like to reiterate to all our stakeholders, both domestically and internationally, that although we will be operating under a new business name, we will continue to deliver the same level of quality, care and innovation in all our ventures. Continuing to grow with integrity and excellence. Committed to delivering long-term value for our people, clients, shareholders and communities.

For more information download the latest ASX release.